EVERSTREET is on a mission to empower local businesses to bring their unique retail and restaurant experience to life.



EVERSTREET provides decision making capabilities at each stage of the brick & mortar process to tenants of every size and scale. What unites the groups we work with is the ability to enhance the urban experience for residents and visitors.

Services Offered Include:

  • Business plan assessment relative to market conditions.
  • Strategic consulting and polishing of your branding, store prototype and marketing package, including repositioning of existing underperforming units.
  • Strategy execution and leasing.


The fundamentals of great retail do not change. They transcend economic conditions and even types of tenants. How closely your asset adheres to these fundamentals can affect leasing outcomes for decades into the future. EVERSTREET partners with its clients to position their projects for maximum marketability and secure the merchandising mix they desire.

Services Offered Include:

  • Project analysis and proprietary scorecard.
  • Advisory services relative to blocking, merchandising & design, and pro-forma, as well as fixing in-place, underperforming concepts.
  • Strategy execution and leasing.


Know you want your neighborhod or main street to satisfy the demands of your onsite population while becoming a destination in its own right? Want to ensure that adjacent developments with different ownership groups plan retail that is complementary and continuous vs. disjointed silos? Do you envision a retail offering that showcase MBEs and WBEs? We can help.

Services Offered Include:

  • Study of existing conditions.
  • Consulting on articulation of retail guidelines.
  • Consulting on optimal retail nodes and thoroughfares.