Meet the Founder

Ann Ehrhart, Founder & CEO

Ann’s inspiration for EVERSTREET stems from a lifelong love of great urban environments and a desire to use her entrepreneurial experience to empower others.  An 18-year industry leader, she is a seasoned entrepreneur and dealmaker who has earned a reputation as a closely trusted advisor.

Ann’s tenured portfolio includes:

  • Global landlords and tenants have handpicked Ann to represent their interests in complex, multi-million-dollar transactions.
  • Her modern planning and urban design capabilities allow her to create plans for maximum market demand and uncover untapped revenue opportunities. 
  • Those who have worked with Ann have described her as “a brilliant retail strategist” and as having “amazing insight and vision for adding value across an asset through destination retail.”

A recognized industry thought-leader, Ann spots market trends early and guides her clients to take action accordingly. She has over a decade of experience as a small business owner + founder and intimately understands the challenges of starting and growing a successful business unit. She is involved in multiple philanthropic endeavors and currently sits on the Board of the Squam Lakes Science Center and the Advisory Council of the MSPCA. 

Meet the Director

Clara Gamboa de Levin,
Director of Operations & DEI
and Partnerships

Clara’s drive for social change comes from her experiences of the dichotomy between her Venezuelan upbringing and the infrastructure created by exclusive practices. With a passion for empowering underrepresented communities, Clara is excited to join the EVERSTREET team to collaborate with retail businesses and foundations to create inclusive spaces for retail businesses to thrive and serve the unique neighborhoods of Boston.

Clara’s achievements include:​

  • Using data to understand how foundations and non-profit organizations can best identify underserved communities and high-impact areas and create transformative partnerships between communities and those looking to serve them.
  • Optimizing operational processes to maximize impact and efficiency while maintaining a human-centered and inclusive infrastructure.
  • Championing diversity and equity to foster inclusive environments where every voice is valued and forging partnerships with like-minded entities to create new transformative spaces where communities and businesses thrive together.

Having spent the last 15 years living in Somerville and being a native Spanish-speaking first-generation migrant, Clara understands the importance of bringing diverse community voices. She is a strategic development professional who can take complex community wants and needs and create clear inclusive programs that deliver tangible business results while serving the communities involved.

Portrait photo of Director Clara Gamboa de Levin. She is wearing a forest dark green sweater, she has brown hair.