Meet the Founder

Ann Ehrhart, Founder & CEO

Ann’s inspiration for EVERSTREET comes from 15 years of leadership in the retail real estate industry. Stemming from a lifelong love of great urban environments and a desire to use her entrepreneurial experience to empower others, Ann is bringing new life to Boston’s historic streets.

Ann’s tenured portfolio includes:

  • Serving as a trusted advisor to numerous Fortune 500 landlords and tenants to represent their interests in multi-million dollar flagship transactions.
  • Negotiating over 50 leases to bring leading global fashion brands to Newbury St.
  • Consulting with landlords to reimagine vacant and underutilized areas into bustling restaurants with activated outdoor seating, therefore continuing to create value for landlords, tenants, and communities.
With over decade as a small business founder and owner, Ann has the highly specialized experience to help any retail business create a quality product, devise a unique branding and marketing strategy, and engage their target audience.